Rubber Plucking Fingers / Rubber Plucker Fingers

Goodlife Elastomer produces a wide range of rubber plucking fingers for chicken de-feathering machines / poultry processing machines of various makes such as STORK, LINCO, MEYN, BAYLE and etc. The rubber plucking fingers shown below are certified food grade, which is also highly durable compared to most black compound rubber plucking fingers in the world. All of these products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 : 2015 standards to ensure consistent quality is met. Our chicken rubber plucker / plucking fingers are being widely exported to USA, U.A.E, Europe and South East Asia regions.


rubber-finger-RF151 rubber-finger-RF140 rubber-finger-RF112 rubber-finger-RF111 rubber-finger-RF110
*various sizes of rubber plucker finger / rubber plucking finger which we produce with shore A hardness 55 , 65 and 75

GLE Rubber Plucking Fingers 2018 Leaflet

*our catalog for rubber plucking fingers / chicken feather plucking fingers

*ROHS test report which proves our rubber plucker fingers are free from toxic substances.

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